Thursday, April 10, 2008

Friday Funnies - A Brick Stuffed With Moom-bims

With only a few exceptions, I'm not really a big fan of comics. One of my all time favorite though is Krazy Kat. It is the best strip ever about a kat (Krazy) in love with a mouse (Ignatz). The mouse hates the kat and shows it by throwing bricks at her head. Ignatz, therefore is constantly pursued by the kop (a dog, Officer Pupp). The dog, by the way, is in love with the kat and shows no hesitation to put the mouse in jail to protect his love from flying bricks.

Fantagraphics is reprinting the strips in a beautiful series of books, each covering a two year period. The series of books is handsomely designed by Chris Ware, who all you hipsters will know as the creator of The Acme Novelty Library and Jimmy Corrigan.

Click on the page for a larger, more readable view.


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