Saturday, June 21, 2008

Three For Three

It's been quiet around these parts as I've just returned from traveling across the country on my state by state "Economic Stimulus Vacation". Like Johnny Appleseed, I've been spreading my check from George Bush all across the West and Midwest.

Recent news - I have a few photos in the "Turn" show at Shotgun Space in L.A. It is guaranteed to be a great show - 8x10 and 13x19 prints available for $25 and $50. The lineup includes:

Brian Widdis / Johanna Reed / Kurney Ramsey / Greg Wasserstrom / Noel Rodo-Vankeulen / Paul Herbst / Ian Aleksander Adams / Charity Vargas / Zack Genin / Aline Smithson / Maury Gortemiller / Alex Van Clief / Marilyn Galosy / Jacqueline Truong / Casey Coy / Shari Simonsen / Lydia McCarthy / Paul Pescador / David Weiner / Katie Dexter / Thomas Macker / James Lundstrom / Molly Garvey

They have announced that this will be the last show at the gallery and with their closing this makes me three for three. Yes, the last three galleries where I have shown my photography, have closed shop very shortly thereafter. Thank you, hold your applause please. For real though, Star Rosencrans and Ian Hunter have done a great job in the short time that they've been doing it, so thank you for that. And you still have a few days to check out Star's fantastic show "Keep" which will be up until June 28th.

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