Friday, April 3, 2009

Vote Now

If you enjoyed David McGowan's photo essay "I'm One of Those Americans", take a moment to vote for his project in the "Name Your Dream Assignment" contest. Details are below.

"I'm pursuing a contest online called "Name Your Dream Assignment" which will award $50,000 to one person to shoot a story that they submit. One idea I've submitted is to continue shooting "I'm one of those Americans" as a study of Michigan's economy.

Book 1 was about garage sales ( For book 2 I'd like to continue this study and focus on "Tea Parties", taxation, and small business. Tea parties are protests that have been popping up against more government bailouts and the taxes that follow.

Most submissions for assignments sound like pleas for world travel with vague intentions. I'm at least trying to keep it local and committed to a subject - our economy.

I need about 600 votes to get in the running, and you need to register to vote. (It's probably the only way they can avoid multiple voting by one person.) If you go here, it takes about two minutes to register:

Then you can go to my assignment and vote (where it says "pics") here:

If you think this is a worthy cause, then please pass this on to your email list. Things are heating up here in Michigan, and I think the historic significance of an economic study is enormous.

Best of luck, and thanks for your vote!"


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