Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sorry, No Pictures

As I feared, the disc that I found in my grandparents' old disc camera contained no images. I received the film a few days ago and it was pretty badly fogged, but even so, I didn't see any traces of an image whatsoever. I was really hoping for something spectacular, though it's very likely the camera was never used. Most likely, they received the camera as a gift and never used it. Like the VCR that we gave them or the answering machine.....


Matthew said...

Rats! I told some friends about this, and have been crossing my fingers that there'd be something cool on them. The cameras alone were way trippy all on their own.

Brian said...

I was disappointed too. Though, it was a long shot that there would be anything on there. I liked the idea that it could have contained a never before seen Christmas photo or photo of their dog or a birthday cake.

Dwayne's Photo in Kansas, who processed the film, is the last(?) lab to still process Kodachrome. I mention this because I have a few mystery rolls that I got at an antique store years ago. The film is probably from the 60's or 70's. I'm researching to see if I can determine the age based on the style of canister. The film has been wound in to the canister, so it appears to be exposed. I'll post the results again here.

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