Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New York Groove

My extremely talented wife, Kathy goes to New York and takes snapsphots that look like this:
View of Central Park from the Lincoln Center.

I go to the big city and take snapshots that look like this:

This may explain why she brings home Emmy statues while I bring home...... well, I get to carry the Emmy statues for her. It's true - Kathy and her colleagues at The Detroit Free Press were nominated for two *National* News and Documentary Emmys this year. And they won them both!

There is a lot of talk and speculation about the future of photojournalism and the death of newspapers. But if you want to see where photojournalism is heading and new approaches in visual storytelling, just go to They are leading the pack.

You can see the story here and the two Emmy winning pieces here and here. Way to go Kathy!


Tom said...

As cool as both of those shots are, and they're both cool, I'm always a little freaked out by Glam Kathy, (as opposed to good-old, American, Kathy Smash). Congratulations again.

Brian said...

Glam Kathy is no Kathy Smash, to be sure. In fact, Glam Kathy's fake eyelashes were so long they got tangled in Ted Koppel's hair!

starlen said...



Congratulations, twice!

Matthew said...

Kathy and all the staff at the DFP rock!! You too Brian.

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