Thursday, September 4, 2008

The New Family Next Door

A family of bobcats has taken up residence at a foreclosed home in Southern California.

Karen Brown/Special to The Press-Enterprise

"One home in the Tuscany Hills area of Lake Elsinore has all the marks of a foreclosure: a dead brown lawn, neglected flowerbeds and notices on the front door.

And one more thing: bobcats.

A pair of the wildcats and their young appear to have taken up residence in the backyard, animal control officials say.

Karen Brown, a nearby resident, said a neighbor came to her door last Wednesday evening and told her there were "mountain lion cubs" across the street from her Vista Palermo home.

Stepping outside, Brown caught sight of two cats, which turned out to be full-grown bobcats, resting on the back wall of the property.

"They were just lounging there," Brown said. "They were literally just lying on the wall looking at us." Read the full story here.

BLDGBLOG: "But is this really the way the wild will reclaim our world? Starting with foreclosed homes and moving inward, to the centers of cities, from there. Soon ivy crawls across the well-polished tables of New York boardrooms, as the suburbs fall prey to nests of field mice."

Maybe the bobcats are not really squatters at all. Maybe they got a great introductory rate from Countrywide and just moved in...... Here in Detroit, we don't have bobcats, but as portions of our city are reclaimed by nature, we've had plenty of unusual wildlife sightings including pheasants, coyotes, wolves, and even bald eagles.


starlen said...

This is actually the town my parents live in. I've had the P-E story open in a browser, thinking I might go down and shoot some photos. But I'm a little afraid of having my face torn off... so we'll see.

Brian said...

For real? You should definitely go photograph there. And if you do drop in on the bobcats, make sure to bring a housewarming gift - maybe a bottle of wine?

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