Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Boring Postcards - Michigan State University

This is my contribution to the Boring Postcard series. My collection features Michigan State University - my former university, employer, home, etc. I think, like most people who attend large Big 10 universities, my feelings about the time I spent there are somewhat conflicted. The huge classes and city-sized dormitory complexes would make me seriously consider not sending my own children there. Not to mention a social scene dominated by fraternities and sororities. But there was a small, surprisingly active scene that included record stores, a decent comic book shop and plenty of rental houses for basement punk rock shows. In my version of history, that sort of evens things out.

Student Services Building. The student newspaper and Financial Aid Office are in this building.

The State Room. A restaurant operated by the Hotel Management Students - never ate there.

The Library - went there a couple times.

Bessey Hall - generic lecture hall.

The Administration Building. Who came up with these crazy names, anyway?


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