Friday, March 21, 2008

Eero Saarinen at Cranbrook

For those that live in Michigan, or all of you who are planning a trip to Detroit in the next week, make sure to leave a little time in your schedule to check out the Eero Saarinen show at the Cranbrook Art Museum.

In addition to being able to write backwards, write with both hands simultaneously, Saarinen also found the time to do a couple cool things. For instance, he designed an arch:

A couple of chairs:

And even an airport or two:

Both photos Ezra Stoller.

The show is an impressive overview of Saarinen's lifetime of work, which would be reason enough to go. But it also includes some of the best architectural photography from the last half of the last century, including Ezra Stoller, Hedrich Blessing, and Detroiter Balthazar Korab. Hurry up though, the show ends March 30. More info here.


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