Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Colin Blakely - Somewhere in Middle America

© Colin Blakely

Colin Blakely likes to stand in the middle of the street to make his photographs. It's quite a nice perspective for the direct, but complex photographs of his neighborhood in Ann Arbor, Michigan that make up this series. Of course he doesn't always stand there. Sometimes he stands on the sidewalk or the baseball field, and sometimes he looks at his neighbors' backyards. And he's not afraid to give poetic titles to his photographs - such as "An Inability to Shake the Feeling of Running the Wrong Way into the Unknown" and "Recollection of the Battles Fought Maintaining the Home Front".

From Colin's statement about the project - "Here, the passing of time is defined as much by the rituals we collectively participate in as by the months on a calendar. This work is a celebration of and possibly a eulogy to our way of life."

Check out the project here.


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